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Originally Posted by kevin
What makes you think that we're trying to get you banned? We're trying to keep virtual teen in tact. If anyone found out you were here underage and told someone else who told someone else etc. and the info found it's way to someone who has the authority to take the website down, say govteen inc or dotservant then vT would end because of you. And for some reason I think your lying just because you said you were making it now and then you took something you made two freaking years ago and you still have it? Yeah, right.
Christ kevin,
Hes fucking 14! Cant you get that through your thick skull? What the hell are the odds that someone will come across this web site, see that someone is under 13, and report it to the proper authorities? Slim to none. There are millions of websites out there. And you think the web site wil be shut down from one little underaged kid? Please.
Have you ever herd of Well it is a porn/twisted movie site. In order to get in you have to put in your date of birth. Do you really think that everyone that goes on that site is over 18? No. And does it get shut down? No.
And look at Dougs avatar. Does he look 12 to you?
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