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Default Re: ** Post ALL Masturbation Questions HERE **

Originally Posted by kanine View Post
I have so many questions.....
1. I don't know if I'm cut or uncut, my mom said that she had the doctors circumsize me ( and she took a picture of it apparently ) but I swear I still have forskin! When I masterbate I can pull the skin over the head even if it doesn't cover it at all times. I also expreience the most pleasure in the head. So does it soung like I have forskin or maybe the doctors didnt remove all the forskin or what?

2. I masterbate on an average of twice a day. Is that to much?

3. I used to think I was gay but I've noticed that women still arouse me, I even masterbate to them on occasion. So I wonder if its normal for men to wank to both genders?

4. My orgasm is much more intense during sex then masterbation ( though I do last much longer during sex ). Is that normal?

1) Maybe they didn't remove all of it, although from over the Internet nobody can be 100% sure. Go to the doctors if you're worried.

2) No, not at all. There's no such thing as too much, so long as it doesn't interfere with school or your social life.

3) Yes, this is normal. You may have heard of being bi-sexual? That sounds similar to what you're describing.

4) Yes, this is normal.
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