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Default What drugs have you consumed?

Being that I'm a curious person, I'm wondering what drugs anyone else has done. Personally, I've smoked pot, eaten painkillers as well as snorted them, taken Xanax, snorted coke, eaten Methadone, (Wonderful drug), snorted Dalmane, (Prescription sleeping pill, not used much anymore), drank Codeine. A lot of the pills I did were considered painkillers, except the Xanax. This is entirely different from a painkiller, despite the fact that it is in a pill. Xanax is an anti-anxiety medication. Out of all the drugs I've done, the ones that I use on a regular basis are Ultracet, which is a very good painkiller, pot, and Methadone. The coke was a one time experience when I went up to my buddy's relative's home. From the time we left my apartment, we were coked out until we went to bed, then we snorted again the next day, and again that night. Later that night, there wasn't enough for 3 lines, one for each person, so I just went into the tent we'd set up near the fire and smoked a bowl by myself, as I don't have a preference with drugs. If it fucks me up, I'm interested. The considerations I use when purchasing drugs are: How expensive is this, how potent, and what is the time frame for which I'm fucked up. I don't believe there are any drugs that I wouldn't do.

I'm not encouraging drug use for anyone else; it is my way of dealing with a shitty life and it's also a nice recreational activity. Again, please remember that I'm not encouraging or discouraging drug use, nor any kind of drug. I'm stating my own drug usage, in the hopes that someone will be interested in reading what I have to say.

PS: If anyone is interested on hearing about individual experiences, I can PM them to you. Thanks for your time in this.

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