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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by jimbo14 View Post
I can't believe these people who say "I'm cut and it feels better" or "I'm un-cut and it's more pleasurable". How can you possibly KNOW how it would feel to be the other way.
The only people who could possibly know are those that got circumsized after they started to masturbate, and how many of those are around.
Btw, I'm cut and it feels GREAT, but I can't say if it feels better or worse than if I was un-cut.
Thanks for the introduction! I CAN speak to this with some experience, having been cut at 14. There's really no difference.

I think it's human nature (and a wee bit of insecurity masquerading as hubris) to think that, of course, whatever we have is naturally 'better', esp. when it concerns our beloved penis! Unfortunately, it ain't so.

Not meant as a debate, just informational!.
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