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Default Re: omni sex survey

gender? Male
how old are you? 15
how tall are you? 5'10"

how old where you when you first masturbated? 12
where did you find out about masturbation? I honestly cannot remember
how much time do you devote yourself to it a week? Em, round 5 hours weekly. haha
do you use pornography? Sometimes
have you ever been caught? Almost
-by who? My stepdad
--what did they do? Nothing
---after they left, did you continue? I had enough time to stop, and pull my pants up, so I just went ahead after
where is the strangest place youve done it in?Lots of places

have you ever had sex of any kind? Nope
-what kind was it? --
--how old where you? --
---whas it good? or do you regret it? --
have you ever thought of a friend sexualy? Yes
would you let a male friend suck you? Yes
-and finish it? Yes, if that means what I think it does
--would you do the same to him? Probably
would you let a female friend suck you? Of course
-and finish it? Yes
--would you do the same to her? Suck? But yes

have you ever been attracted to the same sex? Yes, (bi!!!!)
have you ever masturbated to the same sex? Not in real life
if you dont, would you? --

have you ever gotten touchy with friends? Nope
-was it good? or did it ruin your friendship? --
--would you do it again? --

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