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No, not really.

So what if he was free. I have the right to debate that he should be guilty.

If you ask me, you are all being very childish saying "suck it up, he is free" and "Hes innocent and there is nothing you could do about it"

And our posts relating to the war and bush were said to make a point, and one that you obviously didn't get.

When we debate about the war, would either me and cosmos say " Well the war happened and there is nothing you could do about it" and "hes free, so suck it up"? No we wouldn't. Because that is just plain stupid.

Even tho the war happened, you can still say why we should be at war, or why bush shouldn't be prez.

And going along with the above, i can still say why i think that mj should be guilty, even tho she was set free.

Do you get it now?
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