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Well I have far to many thoughts on religion to write them up here so I will just do it like this:

The Good
Many people use religion to comfort themselves, provide reassurance etc from suicide and self harm. It also 'answered' some questions that we didn't/don't have the technology to prove with science.

The Bad
Because religion answered a lot of questions about the world and how we came to be here, this meant that very little science was done during those years. We are hundreds of years behind on a scientific front, if religion did not exist, we would be permanently striving to find out how an why we are here.

The Ugly

Millions of people have died at the hands of religion conflict and extremists - all motivated by who thinks they are right and that everyone else is wrong. I have never heard of an extremist athiest!

(Apologies for grammar & spelling, tiny laptop keyboards are not ideal for lots of writing!)

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