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Your gonna love this; i use a desktop organizer named Bumptop, and although its long out of production and was bought out by google(has since dissapeared, site doesn't exist i have the installer uploaded to mediafire. it is only the free version, because the site isn't up to get the pro, but there isn't alot of stuff your missing out on.
heres my regular desktop:

And heres all of what i actually have on my desktop:

Here is the bumptop download link:
and to kick out virus frights, heres the virustotal scans:
and the theme i have is called under the ice, and is not the default theme. you can get themes here:
if you want, go check out the bumptop site, its just one page in memory of bumptop moving onto greater things(if i remember correctly)
good luck and have fun! the settings are in the tray, and theres a tutorial when you first start up, even though theres a bit more in there than the tutorial tells ya about.

Originally Posted by JRwulf64 View Post
Yeah to keep it "neat" i shove it all in that folder haha
look up stardock fences. its a nice utility that uses no cpu, and allows you to organize your desktop easily, and its not gonna make anything look ugly.

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