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Originally Posted by Learn2Bsmart View Post
I believe I have a problem with Masturbation. More like, its becoming an addiction of sorts. I pleasure myself basically every day, at the most twice. There are occasions I would wake up and masturbate three times in a little under two hours and then start my day. I know its a normal part of sexual development, but I think its being performed way too much then what would be expected, so now I'm feeling more non innocent every time I do it because at heart I'm truly a good guy that has good intentions. I mean, sex interests me, fascinates me, I want to learn it, not to abuse its enjoyability. Please give me ideas on how to keep my mind of my penis and more on things that don't have to do with masturbation. (Note: I also sleep nude often so its hard not to accidentally touch myself.)

i masturbate but im not that bad

it is realy good fun

who does it most

i do once a day mabey twice

who masturbates the most here

please reply

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