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Default depression kinda fading

i think my depression is going away.

it has been a month on monday since i last cut, and i only had about 2 urges since it to cut, but i fought it off.

at the moment, i feel a bit like my normal self, the pre-puberty one.
i think i have more or less accepted im gay and im stuck like this, like i care. i think being in spain, despite the pain i get from my parents helped, i think seeing my nephew alot more helped too, but i think i realised what the biggest problem is. school.

when i cut on the 20th may, i got home from school. whenever i got home from school, i was never happy. i used to be dead moody in the mornings. and so on

but now im finihsed things are much easier.

hope i havent ruined it, by saying all this!


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