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LoL popo its common for new members to bring up old topics it's not a big deal if it happens now and then.

Yea ima stick with my original post

Originally Posted by I said this....yes me up above just look....thats right I did awww yea 8)
I saw this on the Ozbournes......-thinks......thinks harder.............SLAMS head on desk- GOT IT!!! 8)

I want to have sex befor I get married Sharron was talking bout Jack and how he could met this really nice girl everythings going great they just seem perfect so they get married and on there hunnymoon she whips out the paddle n demands this whole freaky dominatrix thing. You should know your partner very well befor you get married and a persons sexual sexual life is just as important to know as the rest.

K her version was allot funnier n cooler but you get the jyst.

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