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Being raised in an extremely strict Jewish environment, and being only 13, I guess I'm Jewish. But I hate it. I don't see why I should have to wear skirts that go below my knees, and shirts below my elbows, and no pants or shorts. I had to do that until I was 12 years old. For only one year of my life I have been allowed to wear pants. The rest of the extremely small Jewish community near me are all jerks, I'm not saying ever Jew is, it's these specific people and their personalities. They entered their tiny Hebrew school in a contest on Facebook, and they hacked to get it to win, but they were kicked out. Stuff like that.

My personal beliefs are: Nothing. I don't believe anything. When you die, there's just nothing. But I admire those who can believe in something strongly, but they don't push it onto others, and they are good people. Like the Shaytards on youtube, they are Mormon but basically the best family ever. I don't classify myself as any religion. Or agnostic or atheist.

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