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Default Re: Apocalypse 2012?

Comparing past predictions to 2012 is ignorant. Y2K has no backing compared to 2012. Y2K could be considered an off-the-wall theory created by "loonies", but 2012 is not that. Now I think it is nearly impossible to pinpoint an exact date that something catastrophic will occur, but by examining patterns scientists can get a pretty good idea. By pretty good idea I mean within 35,000 years or so. I think an extremely catastrophic, earth-shattering, extinction-causing event is highly likely to occur eventually. Whether it be in 2012 or 35000 years later, it will occur. 2012 isn't just some wild theory though, it is a theory, and it most of its scientific backing, though 100% true in terms of studies and facts, doesn't pinpoint an exact date, it only guesstimates. Scientists cannot pinpoint exact dates, and though there seem to have been people who have foreseen the future in the past, its way too tough to take their word for it, even if they've been right a million times before. Again, will something catastrophic occur in the future, YES, will it occur in our lifetime, THERE IS A SLIGHT POSSIBILITY. The only thing that can be pinpointed to 2012 is the theory that Earth is headed into an unstable part of the galaxy and will be crushed/destroyed. Its the only theory that proves we'll be in the part of the galaxy in 2012, the only problem with the theory, is that they do not know how powerful a force Earth will be up against. That part of the galaxy could do nothing to Earth or wipe out all life. The thing is, they really have no clue as to what damage it will cause, if it causes any damage at all. (This is all from the back of my mind [things I remember from reading online articles and my book.. If you want more factual information just look it up or look up the book Apocalypse 2012)

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