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Default Re: Apocalypse 2012?

Newton's "Principa" basically proved without all doubt that gravity exists. Its more than a theory, its fact, and one of the most solid pieces of knowledge we have of the universe.
We can, of course, take everything to its extremes about whether anything is fact or theory. For example, biologically speaking evolution is technically a theory, but hardly anyone would doubt that this is not true, or at least the basics arent true.
Philosophically speaking, its even more extreme. I could, quite easily,doubt the existence of everything I see. After all, I could be the only being that exists, everything else is a figment of my imagination.
This wouldnt be a healthy position for anyone to take, so I would always state that gravity exists as mathematical formulae, proven by Newton, has shown. In fact, it was arguably the greatest mathematical concept ever devised by the intelligent mind!

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