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Default Re: Apocalypse 2012?

Originally Posted by mcr_91 View Post
The world has been scheduled to end for hundreds of years. 1984 was one year, 6.06.06 was another (btw, the devil's number isnt 666, its a mistranslation, its 616).
That's because these aren't predictions from a MILLION years ago.

Large difference between mayans and kids going "omg lol it makes 666!111 rawk on!"

Originally Posted by Hauptmann Kauffman View Post
Gravity is a proven fact, you cant compare them. You can deny gravity, but its still there And yes, 2012 is a theory, a RETARDED FAKE ONE!
Gravity isn't fact
Same as the big bang, or relativity.
If they were fact, they wouldn't be theory.
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