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The closest belief I have is Deism. In other words, a God created the Universe, and then sat back, and has no role in how the universe evolved. Aristotle believed that God died when he created the universe, not one of my binding beliefs though.
In short, the Bible for me, is a historical document outlining moral practices that we can abide by. In terms of our place in the Universe, I think we are so small that God cannot have the role he has in our world that people think he has. Our world is 4.5 billion years old, our species a mere 4 million years old, why would God choose to speak to us now? To digress, if elephants were the most evolved species on the planet 2000 years ago, would Jesus have come down in the form of an elephant?!
We are, after all, only intelligent animals surely? Have we been chosen to evolve as the superior species by God, or is it random chance? On top of this, our place in the universe is so small its effectively non-existent.
Consider, there are billions and billions of stars in the Milky Way alone, there are potentially hundreds of millions of galaxies in the universe, and even then, a perfect possibility that there are billions of universes. I like to imagine it as our universe is the equivalent of 1 atom in this universe, and this universe is one atom in another universe and so on....(makes my head hurt!)
As far as the Big Bang is concerned, it would seen unscientific to attribute the cause as God, (though it could be very possible), but then, why did he choose to create the universe 13.7 billion years ago? What was it that inspired him, after an eternity of being in nothing, to create something?
As the philosopher Betrand Russell would say "The universe, just is". In other words, we cannot ever find out the cause of the universe, we just have to accept that we are here now.
Interestingly a modern theory that develops on the idea of the Big Bang has been put forward is this:

Space and time, as has been proven, have to exist with each other. If you take one away, the other cannot exist, and therefore we cannot exist. Einstein's Special Theory (or was it his General theory?) of Relativity proved this. The universe, as we believe we know, came from a single point, an area that was so compact and tiny it lacked any sort of dimensions (known as the singularity). This, 13.7 billion years ago decided to expand rapidly and create the universe*. This is where it gets interesting:
When something expands or blows up etc...youd expect it to expand really quickly at first and then slow down as it got further away. It happens on earth with practically anything. Well, when scientists looked to the edge of the cosmos, they found that the universe is actually speeding up, its expanding faster than what it did when it first expanded in the Big Bang.
Its thought by some scientists that if it continues to expand quicker and quicker, space and time will not be able to keep up with each other, i.e. space is expanding so quickly that time will not be able to keep up with it. What happens then is that it "rips".
A "rip" is where space and time literally rip apart from one another. Its not been proven that this happens, its simply a theory, but what happens is that (imagine ripping anything) you get fragments of space and time ripping apart and separating. The theory then says that if they do this, a Big Bang could potentially be created from each one of these rips. Its a fairly frightening thought, as we could be the product of a rip from space and time, our universe is one little fragment of a rip of another universe. Each "sub-universe" then expands, as ours does, getting faster and faster, and then that too rips into fragments when space and time cannot keep up with one another, and so on and so forth.

Because of the evidence that scientists have found (the universe expanding quicker and quicker) it sorta goes against the theory that there could be a "Big Crunch" where the universe stops expanding, and gravity pulls everything inwards again, into a Big Crunch where the Big Bang starts again.

I hope Ive not sent you to sleep.

*The universe didnt really "Bang!", it simply expanded really quickly, so it wasnt an explosion as such.

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