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Default Re: Apocalypse 2012?

The world will end. Period. I wish we could pinpoint it to 2012, but we never know. For all we know, the world could end before 2012, or it could end a billion years from now. There are all sorts of scientific theories out there, and though humans are, in some people's eyes, "overdue for extinction", and there's yellowstone, various other calderas, the speculation that we're headed into an unstable part of the galaxy, the idea that the sun is becoming overly tumultuous, it doesn't mean these things will happen any time soon. I firmly believe humans will eventually go extinct, and the earth will suffer through some harsh times, possibly causing all life to go extinct. I think Mars originally had complex life forms on it, but that all life on Mars eventually ceased to exist. I think the same will happen to the earth. I don't know how, as there are way too many theories to choose from, but I think with so many theories out there, and so many of them put out there by scientists who have done their research, we better be careful and seriously look towards the future. Humans should also be aware their own technology, greed, and arrogance could lead to the downfall their own species...

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