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jesus, i havent seen this! omg

rudi, u told me you were going to the councellor, and i told you tell everything, nothing you say leaves the room!

dude, ur talented, your similes are great!
my life is covered in grease, jesus mine would end up like my life sucks! keep going on with these similes, and it is something!! they're great

like i said, do something! tennis is a great start, me and you can go down to wimbeldon when we are living in out apartment! even get a game for the computer, i recommend the sims2, you would play for HOURS!!! i spent a whole day playing it, and then 4 hours of the next one!

i've never done this, but like write out how you feel when you are down, and put it together, and each sunday or whenever, get rid of them all, burn then, shred then, throw then in the bin (just dont put your name on then, nosey bin-men!)

and ANYtime you are down, just txt me! i may not be able to text back, but i will be thinking of you and hoping to get through to you!! and if im at home, and alone i'll call you. ok

everything will get better, dont worry.

remember the day ur 16, is the day after tomarrow's tomarrow, keep thinking that. a day is nothing.


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