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Default Re: Non Self Harm Calendar!

I was okay with everything you said here.

Originally Posted by ElectricStar21 View Post
Glad everyone is recovering from the cutting!
But yet:

I've never done it because I don't think I would ever go that deep into punishment. It's amazing how many people do.
From here onwards, you lost me. It's not amazing at all, it's a depressing fact of life and you saying you wouldn't do it because you wouldn't go that deep into 'punishment' irritates me. Yeah, while it is a certain form of punishment, it's a coping mechanism and some people genuinely need it in order to survive. The mind is capable of many, many things, some horrible and some people do have their minds control everything they do in life.

I hope that everyone just realizes that cutting themselves isn't helping anyone and it's only hurting yourself.
You say this like we/people don't already know. We all know how damaging it is for the people around us, we also know how damaging it is to ourselves. That doesn't mean it doesn't help though. If you have never experienced it, you don't really know what it's like. I'm not trying to have an argument with you, all I'm saying is this post is extremely patronising. I know you're trying to be helpful and nice, but you went about it in the extremely wrong way.

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