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Originally Posted by cosmos
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its a horrible idea what are you guys talking about. if it was a good idea, it would work. does it? no. therefore, it sucks
the idea is good.... but no one knows how to run it...

Do u know what Communism is?
thats the biggest load of crap ever. listen, IF IT DOESNT WORK THE IDEA SUCKs. you can't just blame it on the people who "don't know how to implement their OWN ideas" correctly
What is communism? Tell me what the idea is.... read it over and over... then u can debate with me....

COMMUNISM: As a social and economic system, communism would be a type of egalitarian society with no state, no privately owned means of production, no money and no social classes. All property is owned cooperatively and collectively, by the community as a whole, and all people have equal social and economic status and rights. Human need or advancement is not left unsatisfied because of poverty, and is rather solved through distribution of resources as needed. This is thus often the system proposed to solve the problem of the capitalist poverty cycle.

Its saposed to end poverty, get rid of money, get rid of social classes, equil propert... basicly where EVERYONE is equil! How is it a bad idea... to make it so everyones equil, same money and land and NO body is higher than another.... its not a bad idea... just its not run correctly....

its a horrible shit idea because being equal is both impossible and bad. instead of having some rich people, some middle class peole, and some poor people, EVERYONE IS FUCKING POOR. how would you like everything you own reposessed so that you could live in poverty like the rest of the world? its a failing idea and its killed millions of people. and marx wanted to end up with no government and thats a horrible idea as well
ok yet again.... i agree with you that it wasnt set up correctly... and that it was run incorectly.... Every bit of ur argument is that it is run incorrecly... which is what i was saying in the first place.... ok look... number 1.... Dont release anger on me.... release ur beliefs, not anger.... number 2 heres what i believe... because u dont seem to understand me...

The idea of communism... the IDEA, not the actualy way its run is as good idea. Where everyone is in middle class and everyone is equil and no jelousy factor. It has its weird parts but so does democracy.... Bush lies to use constantly.... so does the communist governement to its people.... The patriot act is such an invasion of privacy, in communism... whats urs is mine and whats mine is urs so there is no privacy... all im saying is the IDEA of communism is not bad.... but the way its put into effect in China and Soviet Russa in the 80's and 90's... the way communism is run there is TERRIBLE! But thats not what im arguing...

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