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Woooo please. We dont need the cursing.
Ya im 14. Does that make me incompitent? I am carying on a perfect coversation. A nice, clean, perfect conversation.

The judge let the "case" form 93-94 into this trial.
To show he has a pattern. Thats why the 93-94 "case" is being brought up. He settled out of court and that shows a "pattern" that he molested kids. If he settled out of court, 99% says that he did molest that first kid.

Ok, jackson didnt want to have the kids see the wine so he put it in the coke can. Ok. But what if he did that at his ranch? What if he put the wine in the coke can and gave it to the kids? Thats why he called it "Jesus juice". He called it that because he probably didnt want the kids knowing that it was wine.

And the porn nxt to his bed. The kid identified the porn that was there. The same porn found next to his bed. The kid identified the different things that were in that mag. And if the kid did look at the porn when jackson was in the shower, jackson should have hid the porn so the kid couldnt see. Not just leave it next to his bed.

Yes, i an very proud to be an American. And i know he was proven not guilty. But im saying that he should have been guilty and i am listing my reasons why. And i am expressing my hatred for this case. Dam. If you dont like it, dont read.

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