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Yes, the jurors didnt like the mother because she was snapping at them, but if you READ everything and actually listened to them, they said the evidence the prosecution gave wasnt enough, they didnt have smoking gun evidence to prove it.

So they didnt find him not guilty because of the mom, When jacksons lawyers cross-examined the accuser and his bro and sister, soemthing didnt even add up.

The boy was pretty much told by his mom to lie...Jay Leno said that he talked to the kid, and it was like he was reading from a script.

yes porn was found by his bed, so the F**** what, u watch f*** porn.

For all we know the kid could of sneaked ito his room when jacksonwas takin a shower and was lookin at the magazines.

You keep on mentioning "jesus juice" so the f**** what, he could of made that up....So stop acting like theres no way the kid could have known what it was if Mj didnt tell him, so what ur sayin is dumb.

There was wine in the coke can, but if u payed attention to the trial, jackson flight attendant said that he put the wine in his coke can and gave the kids soda.

So jackson was drinking the alcohol in a coke can, because he didnt want the kids to know what hes drinking.

stop bringing past cases up....what happened in 93-94 was settled out of court. We are focusing on this trial, not past accusations.

You always talk about how you so american, blah blah blah, but if you were...You would know somethin about the judicial system...INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILY. and guess what he wasnt proven guilty.

So stop acting like you know EVERYTHING, ur like 14 f**** years old.....Continue going to school and pay attention to your f**** history. and you might be able to have a f****intelligent conversation.

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