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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Penis Size Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by juliocesarchavezthe4th View Post
i just turned 18 am 6'2" and im 8'. i think its above normal but does any one think i grow any more either way?
I doubt you'll grow any more now. P.s, you have a PM.

Originally Posted by cafelaur View Post
My cousin wanted to know sience he's 12 and unable to go on dis page is a 4.2 SOFT DICK 6.0 HARD DICK ABOVE AVERGAGE FOR A 12 YEAR OLD
Your cousin has either started puberty very early or is lieing, and I'd say he's lieing because 6 inches is the average size for a fully grown man.

Also please use proper english and don't type in capital letters.
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