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Default Re: What is it like to have schizophrenia?

What do they sound like? Is it mainly a boy, a girl or not specified?? What is it telling you?
It can be either sex. It's usually female. Lately, it's 'the narrator', telling me what I'm doing. Sometimes its someone degrading me, telling me that I suck, that I should die, that I have no friends. A lot of the time its just someone random telling me random things that pop into my head. Also, most of the time its a male voice telling me "they've found out all about you. you're in a lot of trouble now. escape. get away". I'm paranoid schizophrenic, by the way.

How often do you hear it?
Unmedicated all the time. Medicated, very rarely.

Is it shouting your thoughts?

Do you speak to it and it replies to you?

Do you SEE where the voices are coming from?
No, I only hear things.

Does it speak it your language?
Yes, they speak english.
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