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Default Tristan With An A

Ok a little back story to this poem My buddy tristan took a chain with my locker key on it and wears it like a neclace.I also no a Tristen.

any questions or comments just ask. Enjoy

Oh no I think, Where's my key,
I left it at home, Because I was so sleepy
It's alright though, I've always got Tristan
My key around his neck, An ironic homage to Sid Vichous
Without him I'd be locked, No books all day
But down the hall I see the mohawk of B-Dude, Hurray Hurray Hurray
He's always got my back, And I've always got his
"Hey Harrison" he asks "Could you go get me some Mayonase?"
I gladly oblige, Unless I'm not in the mood
But he'll keep bitchin', Untill I pelt him with food
He doesn't like the ska, And that's alright
When I go to his house, we'll just drink and drink
and drink and drink and drink and drink and fight
But were still good friends, No don't you worry
We'll be back to joking, In quite the hurry
He's Tristan with an A, In more ways than one
He's got an A in his name, And an A plus in fun
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