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Originally Posted by Jasperf View Post
by ruled, do you know what i mean? they didnt like take over ect, just, almost ever country's leader bowed to the church. At that stage in history, the law was barely existent, it was a ruthless time, and what the church and king said, was the law.
if the pope released a papal document, it was obeyed...
Facepalming so hard right now.

The law was existent. It was powerful. The law DOMINATED the medieval era, which, if you may note, is also called the FEUDAL era due to its reliance on the FEUDAL LEGAL system.

OF COURSE THEY BOWED TO THE CHURCH. But that DOES NOT mean that the Church controlled all their affairs.

In fact, the Church, the Holy See, and the Holy Inquisition were all at times dominated by foreign European powers with more influence than the actual Papacy and a goal in mind. See the Avignon Papacy, the Golden Bull, and the Saeculum Obscurum.

As a pleasant warning, before we proceed, when I post in RotW, all of your beliefs, values, and ideals are completely irrelevant to me, and I will do everything in my power to block and negate your points and replace them with my own far superior and more logical points. If you find this offensive or incomprehensible, then that's absolutely perfect. If not, even better, as if you don't, then there's really no point in you replying to me.
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