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Originally Posted by Jasperf View Post
What I am saying is that everyone has a sense of right and wrong, but what they think is write and wrong is different from person.
Perhaps marginally, not to the degree that a random person on the street is likely to think murder is permissible.

Not everyone thinks that killing another human is wrong, and throughout history this has been shown aswel.
This could easily be explained by shifting social perceptions or by the fact that it's a lot harder to get away with murder nowadays. Knowing it's wrong doesn't completely obstruct a person from committing murder.

Not everyone that think murder is morally ok, are phychopaths
Actually, I'd say a modern civilized point of view would very much be that they are.

Also, where does religion fit into this? Given this debate all stemmed from you saying modern laws derive from the Bible, it seems like you're very much moving down a tangent.

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