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Originally Posted by cosmos
Originally Posted by redcar
well in fairness to them its the only way they will be able to achieve their aims, the israelies are bullies and treat the palistiniens like animals.

and let me tell you killing an entire generation is not an answer, but then again thats the answer to all of americas problems, kill them.
the israelis bully the palestinians? im sorry, the palestinians have a constitution (even though they dont have a country) and in it they say their goal is to liquidate the zionists. thats what it says. they have a pledge to murder every single isreali. your sick to think that isreal is a big bully. why do you think their ceding their land over to palestine? to stop palestinian terror and show that they aim for peice. and it would be an honor to the world to just reface the earth... over in that region
maybe a lot of those people need to be destroyed but just killing every palestinian is crazy.
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