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Originally Posted by Camazotz View Post
Capto, if there were a reputation + button, just know that I would have tried spamming it on every post on this page alone. Good job, friend.
Aww, thanks.

Originally Posted by Jasperf View Post
In what ever country you live in there is 'the law'.

That's not related at all to what we were discussing. Modern law has gone through much more than you might think.


Originally Posted by Jasperf View Post
If your implying I'm a monkey brained Christian then your wrong because I'm atheist. It's not part if the human brain, people have been killing each other for centuries! If it were part of the human brain not too kill, then it would be mentally impossible!
Sorry I couldn't reply to this earlier. I was too busy laughing. It's against communal human nature to kill someone in their community.


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