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Originally Posted by cosmos
Originally Posted by serial-thrilla
what the fuck are you talking about? how am i defending them? im saying that the drunk drivers that cause accidents are usually slightly buzzed not knowing that they really are harmful to other people. i dont support these peoples decisions im just saying thats what usually happeneds.
no, what your really doing is talking out of your ass and fighting for a lost cause. people who are "slightly buzzed" as you like to call it arent as drunk and thus are thinking more clearly--those arent the people who get into the worst accidents. the more you drink, the worse of a driver you are and the more your judgement is impaired. its not like the less you drink the more dangerous you are, because when your super drunk you "know not to drive" like you stressed earlier. twat
holy fuck im not here to fight stop adding in these stupid little insults after every post. anyway its true drunk drivers who have caused harm to people have been interviewed afterwards and alot of them said that they thought that could drive because they only had a few drinks and they thought that the one or two drinks that they had wouldnt impair their driving. if you dont believe me i dont care.
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