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Originally Posted by Jasperf View Post
If your implying I'm a monkey brained Christian then your wrong because I'm atheist. It's not part if the human brain, people have been killing each other for centuries! If it were part of the human brain not too kill, then it would be mentally impossible!
It is part of the human brain... There is seriously a part of the human brain that knows when something is right and wrong, and a few actions are stored in there.
Killing is one of those primal things that feel wrong.
Ofcourse this is only subcontious and you can make lots of exceptions: people may kill because of anger, or war. Christianpeople have killed to.
People have always killed. But no matter where you look, killing feels wrong and killers are often banished or excluded.
Its a primal fear of getting killed yourself too.
If someone is a dangerous person, you want them away.
Its primal.

shout at the world because the world doesn't love you

lower yourself because you know that you have to.
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