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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

Most people have heard these, but my dad tells them all the time and they never seem to get old for me:

A family of tomatoes are walking down the street. Baby Tomato has short legs so he keeps lagging behind, and finally Daddy Tomato gets fed up with him. Daddy Tomato walks back there, stomps on Baby Tomato and says, "Catch up!"

Did you hear about that crazy cow at the cheese factory? He tried to escape by jumping over a barbed wire fence. It was "utter" destruction.

My friend Daisy used to work at a juice factory, but she got fired because she couldn't concentrate.

So this blonde is at the airport and somehow ends up walking down the runway. She walks backward into a small plane that's just landed, propellers still moving. Disaster. (You may have to think about that one a bit, I did when I first heard it. The key is "disaster". Say it out loud if you have to with the image of the blonde walking backwards in your head)

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