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Originally Posted by Coesistere View Post
what up:] my faith kind of weird. im chistian but i dont belive in jesus or hell or the bible!! a little stange but i do belive in god and heaven. that me for ya !!!
The meaning of Christian is the belief of Christ... Christ =jesus

Originally Posted by munchie View Post
Never said it did. That's just what I believe Christianity is, so that's why I follow it. I have nothing against atheists. Actually, the majority of people I love the most are atheist.
Originally Posted by saea97 View Post
Sure, but it seems to me then that the reason you believe in Christianity and God is because you believe it's the nicest course of action, rather than due to reasoned evidence that the Abrahamic God exists or that the Bible is true in any regard. Would that be fair to say or am I misinterpreting?
You don't at all have the right to tell her what she believes or why you think she believes that! Most laws are bassed off Christian acts anyway!

Originally Posted by Magus View Post
There is nothing different between the Christian God, and the Muslim God. The only difference is that Islam believes that Allah is one God, not 3, but one.
Only certain parts of Christianity believe this, mostly Catholicism

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