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Default Re: School Stress Causing Episodes...

That happened to me back in October/November. I had 2 Advanced Placement classes (English and History), the first half of Spanish 4 and Psychology and Student Asisstant. Along with working an average of 15-25 hours a week at work, struggling to pay my bills, my best friend moving away for the school year and it being my senior year, it just made me go crazy. My schizophrenic tendencies started coming around and I started hearing voices in my head again that told kept telling me to run my car into passing semis or go crash on the freeway. My sister made me go to the doctor, and the doctor had me quadruple my doses (not the big of an increase as it seems for my medication).

Things did get better though. I pulled through the trimester with a 3.60 GPA, made the honor roll, got a car with way better economy which is saving me $15 a week, my best friend moved back and my mom decided to help me out with car insurance and cell phone bills.

Things will get better, you just have to get the appropriate help and hope for the best.

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