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Originally Posted by badthoughts View Post

What does he have to answer for? Certainly not for the actions of man?

Where has his morality failed?
What I meant by that is largely summed up by the standard Epicurean "Problem of Evil and Suffering". Aside from that, I also find some of God's acts in the Old Testament pretty barbaric (Sodom and Gomorrah, slaughter of the Canaanites, etc.) and wouldn't wish to worship someone so apparently capricious and merciless.

And to whose morals are his compared?
That's an interesting one. Obviously, I judge people's actions by my own moral standards (given they're the only moral standards I fully comprehend); I'm a fairly balanced individual who regards murder, rape, thievery (mostly) and so forth as wrong, so I think it's moderately appropriate to measure God (who is supposedly far more just and righteous than simply "fairly balanced") by that standard. But yes, I suppose that God's morals may be unknown or incomprehensible in the long run, and so it's not fair to apply my standards or anyone else's to his actions. I just don't find that a satisfying answer when I see widespread starvation in the Third World or read the book of Joshua.

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