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Originally Posted by badthoughts View Post
It doesn't.

Too often, I think the argument against Christianity bases itself primarily on several things: 1) the day-to-day absence of a tangible deity, a supreme ruler and creator, 2) reliance upon a book, the bible, consisting of volumes of other books, all of which were written by man and which contain inconsistencies and contradictions 3) reference to the earlier volumes of the bible, known as the old testament, as basis for deeming the Christian God as vengeful and tyrannical and not an appealing god to serve, and 4) historical events of horrible violence that were committed by Christians and/or in the name of Christianity.

I suppose one could make a convincing argument against Christianity.
Generally, this depends on the type of person. I care largely about the truth, so 1 and 2 in your list are notably important to me. But I do also hold with number 3 as an antitheist. Number 4 doesn't really appeal to me. I tend not to use it as it doesn't have any power to reveal whether Christianity is true. If I were to mention it it would probably be in flippant response to someone trying to construct an argument out of "Stalin and Mao were atheists therefore xyz", but I don't see the point in it really. Atrocities committed by Christians don't reflect on you as a Christian, just as Stalin's atrocities don't reflect on me as an atheist.

However, what many fail to understand is that the heart of Christianity is not the bible, nor the church, nor actions committed by man either good or bad. The heart of Christianity is one man. A man who was as real as any other figure in history. And specifically, it is the events involving that man that beat the heart of Christianity and give us our lifeblood of belief. Three things matter, that's it. Nothing else matters, not the Vatican, not Genesis or creation or evolution or any other bullshit that is not the following three things: 1) The man, Yeshua (Jesus), and his teachings. 2) His death. 3) His resurrection from the dead. If something does not involve those three things, then it doesn't pertain to the heart of Christianity and it does not matter.

The teachings of Jesus, at least what we have recorded, are of sound wisdom and universal and based on love. However, to use Samuel's argument, understanding and applying the teachings of Jesus does not necessitate being devoted to him, also known as being a Christian. Where the game changes, so to speak, is with his death. Jesus was a better-than-good man, perfect we believe, never having done wrong to anybody, yet he was sentenced to a criminal's death, nailed up on a cross and left to hang there until he died. It's appalling, but it was necessary. This is where we believe we get our salvation - his death in place of ours. And equally as important, we believe that he was raised from the dead. Literally. He was a corpse, then he came back to life. This is the hope for Christians - life after death.
As I said above, I care about the truth. I commend your morality, but I simply don't believe that Jesus rose from the dead (such a thing is grossly unscientific and would be documented in every textbook in the world if there was definitive proof), and there's no evidence that any hope for an afterlife has any basis at all. So that's my issue there: There's always a lot of "we believe..." when Jesus is concerned but no substantiation.

Do you truly want that?

Are you ready and willing today to renounce and abandon things you have said and things you believe, and to adopt and accept things that you have spoken against, if he demonstrates his existence?
If he demonstrated his existence definitively (I don't know how that would work, but he's God, he can figure it out), I would acknowledge his existence, of course. But no, I probably wouldn't worship him even then. I actively don't want God to exist, and I think if he does, he's morally reprehensible and has a lot to answer for.

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