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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

Everybody was surprised one day when this very very old white man married a young beautiful woman. They told the man that he was far too old to have kids.

Come around a year later, they have a child and the nurse says, "Wow! This is really a miracle. You're so old, how do you do it?"

"Well," the old man replied,"You've just got to keep the motor running is all.".

The next year they surprise everybody else again by having their second child, and the nurse ask him again, "A second child for you really is a blessing! What is your secret, how do you do it sir?"

"You've just got to keep the motor running is all." he replies.

The next year, the couple is blessed with a third child, and the nurse says, "Sir, there is no way that a man of your age could have fathered a third child for the third consecutive year!"

"As I've said before, you've just got to keep the motor running." he said, smiling proudly.

"Well," the nurse said, "the motor must be broken down because this child is black."

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