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Originally Posted by NeedAnswers View Post
I need help. I am 15, uncircimsized, and seem to be going through puberty fine. My balls and penis seem to be a normal size, and i dont really have any medical problems. I am infact, VERY healthy. I just have one problem. When i masturbate and reach orgasm, nothing but a little pee-like substance comes out. When i say a little, i mean like 3 or 4 drops at the most. It is clear like water, and is a little "goupy" kind of like a cream. I feel the orgasm fine, but nothing comes out. I am worried that there might be something "stuck" in the semen's track. I am almost positive that it is not semen. Also, after i am done masturbating, i totally lose all interest. Its like i almost hate masturbating after i am through. I truly love it, but only until i reach an orgasm. Also, since i am not circumsized, i dont use any lube to masturbate, and i just rub the skin back and forth along my penis. Is this bad. Is it causing me to not ejaculate. I am sorry for all the questions but i am getting worried that i might be steril. Please help!!!!!!!!
WEll that is probably your cum. It is undeveloped and it will be for some time.Thats competely normal. As for that thing where you seem like you hate masterbating is the refractory period. That happens to everyone. Everyone feels something like that after so you are totally fine. Also, the way you masterbate is fine. Its not damaging you in any way. If you need new techniques you should try They have techniques that you could try to help you have a better orgasm or whatever you think you need. Good Luck!

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