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Unhappy Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

I need help. I am 15, uncircimsized, and seem to be going through puberty fine. My balls and penis seem to be a normal size, and i dont really have any medical problems. I am infact, VERY healthy. I just have one problem. When i masturbate and reach orgasm, nothing but a little pee-like substance comes out. When i say a little, i mean like 3 or 4 drops at the most. It is clear like water, and is a little "goupy" kind of like a cream. I feel the orgasm fine, but nothing comes out. I am worried that there might be something "stuck" in the semen's track. I am almost positive that it is not semen. Also, after i am done masturbating, i totally lose all interest. Its like i almost hate masturbating after i am through. I truly love it, but only until i reach an orgasm. Also, since i am not circumsized, i dont use any lube to masturbate, and i just rub the skin back and forth along my penis. Is this bad. Is it causing me to not ejaculate. I am sorry for all the questions but i am getting worried that i might be steril. Please help!!!!!!!!
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