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Default Re: Political Polls

1. I do not support any party in particular, although I tend to prefer Republicans more.
2. More to the right, but again, I try not to favor one too much.
3. Absolutely not. I believe a child is human at the point of conception.
4. Yep
5. Not at all. Change is refreshing, when it's a GOOD change.
6. I support the troops who die for their country. I don't really "support" the war itself though.
7. Absolutely not. Never really liked the guy.
8. No. People need to work for a living, not collect "free" money. (Hint: It's not actually free!)
9. Yes
10. Yessir. I like to see all points of view.
11. I consider myself a Christian, yes.
12. No. Everyone is equal. We all sin.
13. Yes. Spying isn't okay, dude. It's more than that of course, but that pisses me off the most.
14. The one we have. America just needs to realize that WE are the government, not whoever we elect. THEY work for US, not the other way around.
15. Haven't looked much into it, so I can't give my opinion.
16. Depends on what the war is, why we're getting involved, and such.
17. (This is where I rant.) A gay couple getting a civil union isn't illegal. And it's the same thing as if they got married out of the State (not legally, but ceremonially) and then got a civil union. The only major difference between civil unions and marriages is the idea that with a marriage, you are a couple. It shouldn't matter what the State thinks you are. If you are in love, truly, deeply in love, it really, really should feel like the same thing. I personally believe marriages of the State should be abolished for EVERYBODY just so everyone can shut up about it. Civil unions all around, Marriages for nobody.
18. They call me racist against everything, but all that really means is I treat everybody fairly.
19. Buffalo.
20 & 21. Not in USA atm, I'll edit when I get back.

22. Female
23. I guess so? I'm mixed with Black and White.
24. 17. 18 in November.
25. Middle
26. Straight.

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