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Originally Posted by Kiros72
hmmm.... the normal transfer rate for USB 2.0 is 450Mb/s (which is about 56.5MB/s) and 600 Kb/s isnt that great... its 75KB/s and thats only about 4 times faster than standard dial-up internet

AAAAnyway, maximan, u didnt set ur jumpers right... lol u probably had it on either cable-select or both of the were set to Master and were using the same IDE lol... simple fix.

so yes, it WOULD be possible just make SURE the jumpers are set correctly... I'm afraid i cant tell u which settings would be better, because i dont know the settings that u want to keep from the old drive and i dont know the config of the new and old drives and how they differ.

Though if ur gonna transfer ur files from the older drive to ur newer one, make sure u dont override existing OS files... it could lead to bad things, especially if u are running the new OS...

PM me if u have any questions directed to me
No, I set them right. The problem was that my old one was IDE, and my motherboard didnt have enough IDE slots that weren't for RAID setups (which I couldnt do, because my HDs were different capacities). The one IDE hookup it had was taken up by my CD/DVD drives.
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