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Originally Posted by habook3
Those are probably within range if I'm building a whole new computer. (It does make a diffence to my parents whose money I'm spending 8) )

Question: Would it be possible to pluck the hard drive from this computer, the dell one, and put it in the new one that I'm building so I don't have to start over from scratch? Only there are a few programs on here that are rather expensive and are only available from download. I guess I could burn those to a disk and then install them on the new one. But then... oh, jeez. For instance Noteworthy Composer and Style XP.
You might or might not be able to. That's what I planned to do with my Dell HD, but it didnt work, Because for some reason my new HD refused to be slave to my old Dell master. So what I did was use this program called PC relocator:
Which transfers all of your files and settings between your old and new computer. It's easy to use, and now this is basically my old computer settings, look and feel wise.

BUT LISTEN! That comes with a serial cable to connect your 2 PCs. DONT USE IT. It's slow! Instead go to a computer store (comp usa or something) and get a USB cable to connect your two PCs. They're cheap, and they transfer much faster.

With the USB cable it took me about 23 hours to transfer 80GBs of stuff, which is pretty good. It transferred at an average rate of 600kb/s, which is pretty damn fast.
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