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Default burning hate

"burning hate"

the feeling of leaving is just so right
i can imagine killing you in the night
waiting till you sleep your doom awaits you
just to kill you .

i hate you so deep in my blood
no more do i even give a fuck
if i could just leave this place ,
oh how wonderfull it could be
but o no you just had to anger me?

i would like to take you and nail you to a wall
and chop you up so very small
put you in the grinder and sell you by the bundle
get it half off while its fresh!
oh just imagine the merriment!
in the papers and on the news
what i fed the people was surley you

i finnally get my revenge oh how nice it feels
no more the possesing hate
no more the waiting to kill you in the night
my deed is done and now i must await
the next hatred who may come my way

i wonder what i will have planned for them?
when the hate starts burning again.

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