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i've heard absinthe is great. you want answers come to me. yes absinthe is expensive. it must be imported. it is illegal to make or sell directly inside the US. it is illegal because we have the constant belief that the "wormwood" in it will kill you. true wormwood will cause brain problems and possible death but wormwood has since been taken out from it making it very safe to drink. also as a note you can take 3 to 4 shots and get wasted out of your mind. and the bottles are BIG. very russian/eastern europe drink. usuall consumed with a teaspoon of sugar or a sugar cube in a spoon. was drunk by van goh (sp is bad i know) and is believed to have been one of the causes with the oil paints that made him go insane to the point where he heard voices and in an attempt to shut the voices up he cut off the ear he heard them in. no he did not cut off his ear for love. he became mental from wormwood and lead paint.

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