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Default Re: ** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE **

Originally Posted by highschooler View Post
Finally, lets talk about who always gets into arguments here. It's not the cut guys who could care less. It's the intactivists who feel they need to be vocal against every circumcised male on VT. Even though we make up more of the sites population, you make it seem like we're three freaks shoved in a corner.
Ill be honest in my experience being Uncut ive always been told im weird and im a freak because im in a region where most males are cut. Personally im not for or against either. I like my penis and im sure you like yours too. But to say that inactivists are unfair to the cut members of the population is textbook stereotyping. That's like saying he must be a bad person because hes Uncut. Your passing a judgment that people of one trait are of a certain attitude. Another example would be to say that black people are more likely to steal things.

That aint cool, im uncut and don't care if you are intact or not. I guess i don't fit your stereotype.
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