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"God treats us as children, not slaves."

God is michael Jackson? :o

Cough, god not does exist on a physical plain of ''living'', god is a creature that man created to release ones worries and sorrow, god is not one being every person has a form of 'god' whether you call it 'god' or not, now come on people don't tell me you have never looked up to some sort of form that does not exist for help, since sometimes people can be a little stupid.

Everyone has a god, period. . .
God could be what a blanket/teddy is to a child, it's just something we like to cuddle when we get a little scared. (Metaphor.) . . . This of course is in my opinion.
I don't belive god exists because that is the truth, you cannot see god, you cannot touch god, you cannot smell god Etc...etc,

but it is still real, just a different sort of real.

~My crappy comic~

You could poke someones eye out with that!
I do believe in sliced bread, I do, I do
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