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Ok, im jus gona take a phew of those reasons, ands try and argue them, sorry if i talk bull.

Some that have nothing to do with the ARGUMENT:
The inexplicable nature of Christ.
God provides a place for man to cast his worries.
okie then ?!
Jesus foretold other men would claim to be the Messiah.
Ok, im gettin bored of that so im jus gna argue some..
If the moon were a little larger, smaller, further or closer or not present, the earth would experience chaotic seasonal patterns.
Ye and if it did, we wouldnt be alive would we, but other species would have addapted to that, also, it is gravity that has leveled it all out after the big bang.

The Bible was written by more than 40 authors over a 1500-year period - how could it be so consistent?
UM, well that ones a lil easy - plain and simple copying.
Jesus foretold that he would be rejected.
Maybe becuz he was a wierdo/stranger PS. i believe Jesus Christ did exist, just wasnt "son" of "god", jus come bloke making stuff up and tricking people.
Life developed soon after the earth cooled 4 billion years ago, too soon for evolution to have taken place.
NO no no no, evolution had been taking place slowly over time, over a period of just 200 years in some species.
The number of intelligent men and women who believe in God.
What about the number of intelligent man that DONT. Im intelligent and i don't so is most people voted here, same with most scientists, brain surgeons, most believe in evolution.

Anyway i only picked out a phew, most of them dont relate to anything anywayz,
Sorry if i offended anyone, i dont mean it .
Sorry if i spoke some bullcrap, im sure most of it if not all of it is rite.
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