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I am technically Catholic, but I'm not that religious.

I don't agree with the atheists about religion. It's perfectly fine to not believe in a god or a religion, but being against religion? It's the person that turns religion bad, not the religion itself.

What makes religion bad is not the practices of the religion, but what people do to try to spread it. People should have a right to believe what they want. At the base, most religions are pretty much the same. They all branched off from each other. There is a "higher power", moral codes, etc., etc. But, people justify religious wars by saying they're fighting in the name of God, or Allah, or etc. War should NEVER be ok!

I believe that there is a God, and God would probably love all people the same, no matter their faith. As long as you're a good person, your religion shouldn't matter! I have friends who are Jews, Wiccans, Strong Roman Catholics, Atheists, and one who is a member of a very tiny religion that I don't remember.

Just my thoughts...

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