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Originally Posted by Captain-Tybo View Post
I've had Warts on my penis for years and I've been to embarrased to go the Doctor's about it.

But now I've heard that if you have genital warts it means you have HPV - does this mean I'll never be able to have sex and can I masturbate?
Don't be embarrassed to go to the doctors about it- they've seen it all. Also, genital warts doesn't mean you have HPV, they're a symptom of it, although it's more likely just to be genital warts (which counts as an STI itself). If you go to the doctors about it they'll be able to test for what it is and probably put your mind at ease, if it is genital warts they'll usually give you a cream to apply to it and they will go eventually. If it is HPV though, there unfortunately is no treatment for it at the moment (as it is a virus, not a bacterial infection) although research suggests it heals itself eventually- whilst you have it though you can masturbate although they discourage sex as you could pass it on to whoever you're sleeping with.
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