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Default Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive

I have an OCD. A doctor told me that before. And I think I still have it.
I have an obsession with cleanliness.
I dislike it when someone touches my things without permission and leaving finger prints in them. I was called a clean-freak before because I can literally detect dirt on any of my things. I take a bath almost 5 times a day and sometimes it takes me one or two hours in the bathroom until I am satisfied cleaning myself. I always bring alcohol wherever I go. I have three medium-sized bottles of alcohol on my bag wherever I go outside and in my house, I always have a small bottle on my pocket. I also dislike dirt or dust so much so what I do is, whenever I clean my room, I have to completely cover myself so my dirt-ridding cleaning mission would be successful. Sometimes also when someone snuck into my room while i'm away and he/she sat on my bed, I will immediately know someone went inside by smell and I will also immediately detect the imperfections in my room. That is my obsession with being overly-organized. I know everything that is inside my room and how they are placed. Exactly how they are placed. And when they get disorganized, I always, always take a deep breathe so I can hold my anger.

I love my cleaning ability though.
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